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Acer Launched High Configuration Chromebox

Acer Launched High Configuration Chromebox

Monitor and Laptops leading brand Acer now launched Chrome OS desktop.This new Chromebox cost double of the existing one’s in the market but configurations and options are more in Acer Chrome box.

It is called as CXI Chromebox.Acer released with 4th generation Intel Core i3 Dual core and 16GB SSD local storage built with 8GB Ram front support 4k monitor.

Acer Launched High Configuration Chromebox

Based on Ram cost depend for CXI Chromebox.For 4GB $350,8GB $400.HP,Asus are also offers the chrome box but options and cost wise Acer is high.

Microsoft offers to Google to support OEM for Chrome box with lower cost till now HP holding rights from Microsoft.

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