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Google Test On Mobile Web Optimization In Indonesia

Google Test On Mobile Web Optimization In Indonesia

Search gaint Google investing on search engine loading on your web pages for mobile users.World is populating with mobile users and people are accessing more internet in smartphones.So Google going to test the web page loading in Indonesia various places.In Indonesia more than 60% people are using internet connections in mobile and internet playing key role in there lives. But in mobile users due to slow mobile connection users are skip the searched pages and start searching for new things.Average internet connection 2.0mbps also not fine to pick the searched content in mobile.Google page optimization will help to load the pages 4x speed more than previous.

Google planning to start this test in 2 weeks and after that users will felt that Google optimized pages in Google search in smart phones.Even in 2G connections will slow the performance.While loading the search result it will load by default but once click on the Link it will be open in the existing on new window with optimized pages.

Google Test On Mobile Web Optimization In Indonesia

These optimization changes will reflect the people who are using mobile internet and search the desired content for normal PC internet users there will be no change in loading.

Mobile optimization is function is works on transcoding all pages and convert the all pages to light weight pages and those will load very fast and save the cache to load very quick in future search too.Google is hoping with this optimization new users and existing users search rate will increase more than 30%.

Google first time working on optimization for mobile users in Indonesia.Google also focused on potential increment of revenue and attracting more advertisers for mobiles.

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