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How To Configure Mail In Microsoft Outlook 2007

Webmail Configuration In Microsoft Outlook 2007

– open the Outlook 2007.It will show the option Would you like to configure an E-mail account?…Select Yes and click on Next.
Webmail configuration01


– In Auto Account Setup window enable the option Manually configure server settings ot additional server types.
Webmail configuration02

– In Choose E-mail Service window Select Internet E-mail.It will communicate with POP and IMAP.
Webmail configuration03

– In Internet E-mail Settings window fill the information

Webmail configuration04

– User Information -> Your Name: username
Email Address:

– Server Infomration -> Account Type: POP3
Incoming mail Server: mail.example.comĀ  (OR) Ipaddress
Outgoing mail Server(SMTP): (OR) Ipaddress
Webmail configuration05

-Logon Information -> User Name:
Password: yourpassword
-Enable Remember Password.

– Click on More Settings.
Webmail configuration06

– In second Tab Enable My outgoing server(SMTP) requires authentication.

Webmail configuration07

– Check the port Numbers in Advanced Tab…POP3 110, SMTP 25
Webmail configuration08

– Click on Test Account Settings for account verification…( Not Madatory)

Webmail configuration09

– Click on Next and Finish.

Webmail configuration99



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