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How To Restore Mac Book Factory Settings

                                                                  How To Restore Mac Book Factory Settings


Is your Mac Book getting very slow.Usual Tabs also taking very long time to response.Clear the complete cookies from Mac if you are still facing the same issue better to role back all the settings to factory settings.
How To Restore Mac Book Factory Settings


– Log in to Mac with Admin account.

– Hold OPTION Key for some time.Now you can able to see two Drives.

– Select Recovery drive.

– Choose Language and click on DIsk Utility.

– Now click on Macintosh HD.

– Make sure the back up of all data in the drives and click on Erase tab.

– Now Disc Erase.

– Return to OSX Utilities and click on Reinstall OSX.

– Now it will download the latest version on Operating system from Apple Cloud.

– It will install To the drive.Now have to enter all the details.

Latest version of Mac Operating system nearly 4GB.So make sure the good internet speed.

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