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Seagate New Shingled HDD Holds 8 TB Data

Seagate New Shingled HDD Holds 8 TB Data

Largest Hard drives manufacture company Seagate expand the storage capacity on HDD.It is called as Shingled magnetic Recording(SMR) drives.It can be hold 8 TB of data storage data.

But according to the source review of these drives 5,900 RPM and read/write speed is 150MB/sec.Average SSD drive speed is 7,200 RPM and 1,800MB/sec.

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Shingled drives are more tracks on every platter to reduce minuscule space between the each track.So more data can store on single platter.Each platter holding terabyte of data.

Front end these SSD drive will work very fast because of platter and backend the storage process will reduce.By the slow writing on drive it help to secure the data and avoid the such incidents while writing data on high speed too.In new SSD drive data moving is fast compare to old drives.

Seagate planning to ship drives in January 2015, cost will be $260 for 8TB.Initially seagate released first 1TB drive cost of $375 in the year of 2007.From next year users can enjoy the more storage on local drives.

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