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Twitter Acquired TapCommerce To Target Ads


Twitter Acquired TapCommerce To Target Ads

Micro blogging website Twitter now focused to increase the revenue from the ads.For this process Twitter acquired TapCommerece company which is specialized to target app users.

As of now acquired price is $100 million.TapCommerece working on Newyork,San Francisco,London based profile users to target based on apps.According to the survey present 50,000 apps was target by TapCommerece.
Twitter Acquired TapCommerce To Target Ads
TapCommerece integrated with MoPub and Twitter focused onmobile revenue as mobile users are crazy on apps that download in mobiles.Tapcommerece is looking forward the key role in integral part in Twitter publisher network.

TapCommerece mentioned that existing users will not effect with this acquire.

Twitter is working with  the tele-vision and other media to attract the users and target the users to activate or login to new twitter accounts.

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