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Apple Buying PrimeSense

Apple Inc is buying Tel-Aviv based company PrimeSense for $345 millions roughly reported by Israeli financial news site.
PrimeSense Company was founded in 2005 and its office located in Israel(Tel-Aviv). One of the most renowned technology company that develops kinect 3d machine for Microsoft.
Apple buying PrimeSense
It offers a system on chip and 3 dimensional sensing and understanding device that can view, track and check user movements outside computer.
These products are mostly used in video games, electronic devices, video communications, applications and home training needs. The company sensors are installed in over 20 million devices.
This is the 2nd time deal came between 2 companies, as Apple wants to add 3d to its Iphones, smart phones, laptops and Ipads.
The products of PrimeSense would mostly likely be added to Apple TV. System which lets customers subscribe to Internet and media services.
Apple TV is one the leading set-top boxes. Apple TV offers more entertainment services like HBO, HULU, Disney, Netflix, Sky news, NBA etc.
By adding 3d technology to Apple TV it becomes big competitor in global markets.
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