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Snapchat+ Created Record 1 million Subscribers

Snapchat+ Created Record 1 million Subscribers

A record 1 million premium subscribers have joined Snapchat+ since its launch two months ago.
There are 1 million paid subscribers worldwide.The introduction of Snapchat+ added further features, including celebrity replies, new emoji, Bitmoji (for backgrounds), and custom-designed app icons.

Snapchat+ introduced in very selective countries which are US,UK,Few European countries and saudi countries like UAE.Post that snap expand the wings on highly social networking users countries like India, Kuwait,Qatar,Oman,Bahrain,Egypt,Finland,Austria,Denmark. In coming days it will be avialable in most of the company which snap operations are going on.

With the new features, Snapchat will separate paid and free users, and free users’ comments on stories will be displayed after those from paid subscribers.Another feature of Snapchat+ is the ability to choose a custom emoji before signing out. When users watch the snaps, the chosen emoji will appear in the timeline on the subscriber’s avatar.

Snapchat+ subscriptions begin at 3/6/12 months, with the top-rated plan of 3 months being the most popular from the start. Snapchat+ additional revenue of $5 million will be an add-on to the existing revenue generation of $7.3 million. Snapchat for web is Snap’s millionth feature, and more will be added in the coming days.

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