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Macbook Air Review 2018 – Y-Series Processor

Macbook Air Review 2018 – Y-Series Processor

This new branch new Macbook Air featuring Retina Display and first ever display in the Laptop world. Also the consuming heat by the Apps also reduced. Featuring the quick restart and quick shutdown options.

Touch pad is another addition to Macbook Air. New trackpad and smooth surface keyboard are the good qualities. Using Touch pad you can login with your fingerprint now , very fast and accurate security to recognize the authorized user.

Build quality is simple shows the excellence to compare the old release. Size is reduced with high performance hardware build.It build 100% recycle aluminum. Smother curves and fine finishing is attracting more.

8th Gen, dual-core Intel Core i5 Y-series processor. Y-Series processor powered with 7 Watts which is very higher to compare to other Macbook Air.Storage is 128GB, configurable to 1.5TB. 8 GB Ram that can configure upto 16GB.

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