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Control Your Xbox From Alexa and Cortana

Control Your Xbox From Alexa and Cortana

New feature that introduced by Microsoft that you can control Xbox from Alexa and Cortanana that path forward to new way of communicate your Xbox. This feature will work on Alexa and Cortana cross platforms and that basic commands to change the game and volume control and few other like capturing the game outputs.

Xbox user can simple communicate the command Alexa can change the game level and it skip the present level or update the latest games also,

If user want to utilize these feature first login to the Amazon account and link this account to Microsoft account. same way for Cortana users will login in Xbox and link it to Windows 10 PC .

Cortana simple way ” Hei Cortana SwitchOn Netflix ” this will open Netfix in Xbox.

This new fetures will work on all echo/volume based devices like Amazon Echo devices and Alexa apps.

Microsoft want to control Xbox completely with Voice based commands that may ready users for new Xbox sales which will start in December 2018.

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