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How To Fix: Sound Not Working In Chrome Browser

How To Fix: Sound Not Working In Chrome Browser


While playing any videos in the Google Chrome Web browser, sound output is not coming. Same video playing in other browsers.


sound issue on the Chrome browser, there could be different reasons. Providing a few common issues and solutions

Solution 1:

In some cases, web browser tabs got muted; in that case, just right-click on the desired tab on the browser and unmute. Try to stop the video and start checking whether audio is coming or not.

Solution 2:

  • Update the Chrome browser’s site settings.
  • Open Settings: Privacy and Security Expand site settings, click on Additional Content Settings, and enable the Sites can play sound option.

Solution 3:

  • Update system settings. Open the Control Panel on your Windows machine.
  • Control Panel -> Sound -> Speakers -> Properties -> Advanced
  • Uncheck the following option: Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device: Apply, Ok.
  • Now open System -> Sound -> Advanced -> Volume Mixer -> Apps -> Unmute Google Chrome.

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