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Work on Windows Defender Application Guard In Microsoft Edge

Work on Windows Defender Application Guard In Microsoft Edge

Windows Defender Application Guard is a new feature that run in Microsoft edge browser which will act as firewall to restrict malicious website which run in the browser. Windows Defender Application Guard is default disable in the browser. When ever you open the browser, it will op-up to restrict the website as well as secure your PC from the unwanted content download.

This feature was not come with Windows 10 Home Edition and Professional versions. After Microsoft updates in 2018 April Professional users can enable this option and this option is still not available in Home Edition. If need this feature in the PC , have to update to professional version.

To Enable this feature few requirements needs to update, Microsoft using Hyper-V virtualization technology so Intel VT-X should be enabled in the Bios also RAM should be 8 GB ,64 Bit. Once Windows Defender Application Guard feature enabled Microsoft Edge browser will run in Isolated container.

Steps To Enable Windows Defender Application Guard:

  • Jump to Control panel and click on programs.
  • Go to Turn Windows Features On or Off option.
  • Now choose the option Windows Defender Application Guard and click on OK.

Note: Before the above steps check the last windows updated Date in the PC.

In case you are not seeing this option means updates was not installed or this is not Professional edition. Also, if this option is visible but not able to enable means your system was not meet the criteria to enable.

After Windows Defender Application Guard package installation complete it will ask for the recommended restart to update this change.

Microsoft Edge Launch In Windows Defender Application Guard

Open Microsoft Edge Browser, Under Menu there will be a option New Application Guard Window.

New window will open in Application Guard, This browser is a private browser and private window. You will identify this window with Name Application Guard In Orange Color highlighted bar on left hand corner.

When ever start using this Application Guard you cannot use the browser’s history and cookies in your system. Once your login Application Guard will remove all this in your system part of security system.

Windows Defender Application Guard will not allows other formatted files in your system include ‘.exe’ and if you download the files those will not store in normal folders and this will store in the Application File guard and this will erase after you signoff from the system. .PDF , .Doc format also not allow in the Application guard. Manual entry only the option for links. You cannot perform copy & paste in it.

Looking for the customized option you can do the edit from the Registry  but this was not recommend who looks for the more data security via browser.

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