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JBL’s First Earbuds With Touch Screen Display Case

JBL’s First Earbuds With Touch Screen Display Case

Yes, you heard correctly.JBL, a leading manufacturer of electronic audio products, produced the first earbud charging case with a touch screen.A 1.4-inch LED touch screen that is located on the charging case.

We are constantly exposed to multiple screens in our daily lives, ranging from smartwatches to large screens. In addition, JBL presents this touchscreen display case for user experience along with noise cancellation modes.

JBL Tour Pro2 case screen will display the social media notifications and message notifications, including the ability to receive calls directly from the case. JBL experimenting with who has the most smartwatch users and who is not using them. They will easily catch this feature to start on day one.

When it comes to specifications, It supports Bluetooth 5.3 and 10 hours of battery life. When fully charged, the case will charge the earbuds three times, for a total of nearly 30 hours. The display will show battery percentage and charging percentage. You can control the volume from the display too. There is no option for a keypad on the touch screen, which users expect.

JBL Tour Pro 2 will be released in the first half of 2023 and will retail for around $249. JBL also intends to release a few variations of wireless headphones compatible with mobile phones and laptops equipped with ANC (Anti Noise Cancellation).

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