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Apple iPhone 8 Release Date And More Details

Apple iPhone 8 Release Date And More Details

Apple entered in to the mobile platform a decade and first phone was released in 2007.Every Year Apple releasing it’s new models and variants too.Apple is planning to release new series of iPhone 8 in 2017 with very advanced features.

This year Apple taking big changes interms of model look and option.Part of 10th anniversary this new release will be placing high number of sales in coming days.

Apple iPhone 8 Release Date And More Details

In new iPhone featuring wireless charging and no home button and edge to edge display.Also starting range of 64GB inbuilt memory.

First Apple released 3G phones in 2008 and after that more features adding with the same pattern and small changes in the lookwise..Last Year Apple released iPhone 7 and 7s. Asof today Apple released only 3 types of variants 4.7″ , 5.5″ , plus series phones.In this include ‘S’ series phones.

From iPhone 8 Apple implementing sensitive touch and soft curves.In the month of September first week world technology conference IFA will host in Germany , in this event promo iPhone 8 will announce and following September 6th iPhone 8 sale will open in U.S.

iPhone 8 cost would be $1000 to $1200 and sale will be open worldwide endof September or 1st week of October.

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