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VIVO V5 Plus Best Dual-front camera for Selfie with Best Price Tag

VIVO V5 Plus Best Dual-front camera for Selfie with Best Price Tag

 VIVO V5 Plus has got all the great stuff and many features. Comparatively reaches to the next level of phones in the market. As it meant exclusively for the selfies, who gonna love taking selfies should have an eye on V5 plus. As all the competitors like, Xiaomi, Oppo and Oneplus are exposing themselves with a great offerings in terms of features and performance, V5 plus is also offering superior performance at slightly best price.

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The day for shelling out savings to get a new Smartphone. VIVO V5 Plus come out with its own USPs which might not find in other brands like Apple or Samsung.

The new VIVO V5 Plus is a new range of premium device with the highlight of dual-front camera. V5 plus design inspired by the Apple iPhone 7.V5 attractive display with 5.5 inches size with IPS LCD capacitive touch screen is just creating curiosity to check the phone. Other specifications like, best resolution at 1080 X 1920 pixels, multi-touch option and coring Gorilla glass 5 along with new version of funtouch OS 3.0.

Core Specifications – Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor, 4GB RAM, 64GB internal storage, 16MP rear camera, 20MP & 8MP front camera, dual-sim and 3,160mAh battery.

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  1. Hardware/ Design

VIVO V5 Plus body design is quite impressive. Rather than square share, in V5 plus we can see a new body shape which resembles iPhone7. Even in display and design prospective we can observe influence of iPhone in V5.

V5 body completely covered with metal construction. Internal lines at the top and bottom which looks better. Proximity sensor and finger print sensor are common.V5 edges are quite impressive. Overall body of V5 is simply good enough to engage the users. Out of 5 we can rate it 3.5.

  1. Display

On display prospective about V5 plus we can’t say WOW, but good at display. 5.5 inch Full HD IPS In-Cell LCD displays with lipping corning’s Gorilla Glass 5 which allows a great protection to display. Dual selfie-camera added advantage with 20MP: f/2.0 sensors & 8MP:f/2.0 sensors. Rear camera comes with 16MP f/2.0 unit.

While screen brightness is at normal we can see the change in appearance. By increasing brightness obviously we are getting better visibility and screen. Good to have standard display settings for better screen display. On display prospective we can rate it 3 out of 5.

  1. User interface

VIVI V5 Plus’s Fun Touch OS looks like Apple iOS. From the icons to native apps there are a lot of similarities. Multi tasking menu at the bottom with a scrolling cards layout in side is also similar to apple OS. Split screen for multi tasking allows you to limited third party applications. Few annoying short comings are there in V5 plus like, no statistics while enter into battery section in settings, which means you are unable to check battery performance and life. Unusual settings menu literally frustrating to find items, this is due to lack of search bar. Good thing is with 4GB of RAM, V5 plus works smoothly with no hiccups.

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However performance wise VIVI V5 Plus is really works well with the support of 4GB RAM. Coming to multi tasking element which is like a limited one, once we have receive umber of notifications it won’t support to go with multi tasking or for split screen. We can rate it 2.75 out of 5.

  1. Performance

As discussed in previous section, performance wise VIVO V5 Plus absolutely no issues, even while playing games. Having Qualcom 625 there is no matter at all to get issues while playing games. Gaming experience in V5 is also good comparatively V5 plus is in showcasing the nest level of gaming experience.

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While playing some 3D games, we might find an issue of frame rate droppings. With normal settings we can play games like Real Racing 3 and Asphalt 8, etc smoothly. While playing the games voice quality and visual impact are pretty good.

We can rate it 3.75 out of 5.

  1. Audio and video quality

VIVO V5 Plus audio quality is really impressive. When phone connected with head phones, we can have a digital Dolby experience. While playing music or album sound clarity is really awesome. When the phone is put on loud speaker mode is good, but in sometimes we may experience a bit noise. Video quality is also ok, for better visual impact we have to adjust the brightness settings or else in normal settings we can experience good visual appearance. Full screen mode of visualization gives you more impact of watching the video. Audio and video qualities are well balanced in VIVO V5 Plus.

Downloading best quality albums or video clips and playing in V5 plus will completely change the way of audio and video. It is always god to get HD videos and MP4 audio files to play in V5 Plus. We can give 3.5 out of 5.

  1. Camera

The core USP of VIVO V5 Plus is camera. As discussed in our introduction camera quality of V5 Plus is really awesome. Anyone can take professional kind pics with V5 Plus. Dual front camera with 20MP: f/2.0 + 8MP: f/2.0 sensors are unique selling element in the phone. Rear camera with 16MP sensors along with LED flash light is pretty awesome. We can have a crystal clear picture quality with the front camera and same resolution pictures we can’t expect with the rear camera. Though rear camera built up with 16MP, picture quality is not up to the mark. Color balancing in camera is really good; noise free controls and element projecting with front camera and photo capture with best quality even in dim light are added advantages. A bit noise can observe while taking pictures in some locations. You can check the picture below shows noise while taking pic.

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Luminance noise can observe in camera while we try to suppress it, which drastically resulting in loss of details. When we say comparatively with Asus Zenforne 3, VIVO V5 plus is recommendable. V5 Plus built up with the IMX376 image sensor which was inbuilt by the co-engineering with Sony. The camera two object focusing technology is smart idea for engaging users. Background blurs option or selected object blur concept is a unique one from VIVO. Aperture adjustment allows you to take the pictures in a dreamy mode and also you can refocus even after picture captured. Moonlight selfie allows you to take bright pictures even in dark.

We can rate the camera 4 out of 5.

  1. Price and best deals

VIVO V5 Plus 5 is all around best at price. There are another models available in the market at the this price range like, One Plus 3T, but it falls in some elements like camera quality and power back-up. Another model Huawei Honor 8 which is pretty good in this price range and comparitively similar in features wise and secifications, but the phone is lacking in camera. We cannot expect best selfie pics at all. Another new arrival Oppo F1 Plus, which initially well known for the best Smartphone for selfies, but now it is now a step back with the tough competitive Smartphone VIVO V5 Plus.

In similar way there are many other Smartphone models available in the market at the same price range, but most of them are lacking in many features and applications, especially camera picture quality. Price aspect we can rate it 3.75 out of 5.

  1. Conclusion

As discussed in detail about the new VIVO V5 Plus, It is really good at specifications and the features all the way. Though VIVO V5 Plus walks through some minor draw backs, good to choose by the people who are bore with the iPhone versions. `Well balanced features and 4GM RAM are additional boosting to the phone to run like buttery smooth. Compare with other models in the market it is quite impressive.

V5 Plus specifications and inbuilt software are quite impressive like Snapdragon 625, people can go with VIVO V5 plus instead of Oneplus 3 or One plus3T or else any other models available in the price range. It is a bit higher side in the price range. VIVO V5 Plus market price stands at 27,980/-. Overall Rating for VIVO V5 Plus from our side is 4 out of 5.

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