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Microsoft Phase To Stop Windows Phones In Future – Official

Microsoft Phase To Stop Windows Phones In Future – Official

It is well known and open fact that Microsoft windows smartphones are not success as compared with others.Microsoft official announced that windows mobile users should not expect anything from Microsoft apart from the security updates and patches.

Even Microsoft is not ready to leave the currently windows users too.So to secure the current Windows OS in the smartphone and secure the default apps Microsoft is going to release the Patches and security updates.Apart from this Microsoft is not working on any Software or Hardware.

One more announcement also out that Microsoft is no more work on fixing it’s own running apps for windows phones.Similar situations was occur previously also Microsoft released smartphone with Android OS which was not placed good in sales and performance too.

Microsoft is the first Mobile company that started working in different passion compare to the regular pattern of the grid views and similar pattern of the icons in the display UI. Microsoft grabbed many users hand in user friends interfaces and speed of the operating also. But compared to the other operating systems Microsoft is not released as many Apps to attract more number of smartphone users.

Microsoft is one of the largest Apps provider to Android and ios.Including Skype,Outlook,Office Tools. Microsoft is mainly focusing on different thoughts in mobile infrastructure to back to the market. Overall plans was not yet revealed officially.

Outline of Microsoft is planning big to focus more on Mobile apps development and improving other platforms too.

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