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Twitter Employees Donated $1.59M To ACLU to Fight On Trump’s Immigration Ban

Twitter Employees Donated $1.59M To ACLU to Fight On Trump’s Immigration Ban

Social Media giant Twitter played key role in U.S. elections and conducted several surveys in the country. After Trump elected as President in the country now Twitter facing several issues with Trump recent decision on immigration.

To fight against Trump Decision Twitter is now take a chance to support several organizations in U.S.. Part of fight against Trump some of Twitter employees donated huge amount to ACLU(The American Civil Liberties Union). Trump banned seven countries people to migrate to U.S. and it impact more also conditioning on new tax policies for other countries people to enter to U.S. Nearly 1000 employees from Twitter donated $1.59 million to ACLU , in donation CEO Jack Dorsey included.

Twitter Employees Donated $1.59M To ACLU to Fight On Trump's Immigration Ban

In future might several legal issues will raise part of Trump decision and people will not war directly so need to approach some organization who can reach upto whitehouse and fight against to the unacceptable rules by Trump.

Not only Twitter donated large amount to ACLU also major IT giants Google,Lyft more companies from Silicon Valley also donated. In the last past ACLU received $24 million donations , these donations are more than 6 Times in the past year.

Twitter officially mentioned that these donations are from Twitter Employees not from Twitter The Company.

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