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AWS Associate Blox , Holding Open Source Tools for EC2 Container

AWS Associate Blox , Holding Open Source Tools for EC2 Container

Amazon AWS leading the cloud platform and it is offered software container support on own cloud platform under EC2 container service.In coming days EC2 container service will more effectively customize and Task Placement Engine(TPE) will pass developer to place the containers in particular zones.

These new updates stated that reduce the complexity of holding containers and gives more flexibility to understand use the different containers in AWS.


Amazon officially announced about Blox , Blox holding the various open source projects to build Container Management Tools(CMT). Container management tools only for ECS.Let’s developer build own container schedulers also allow to integrate third party schedulers like omega with ECS.

Blox have their own products that are Cluster-state-service and a daemon scheduler.AWS is not yet engaged in any of the community which handling open source but it’s changing the boundaries and entering in to Open source projects too.Blox can handle large environment in open source . Blox projects contained Apache 2.0 license which have direct support backend implementation too.

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