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How To Convert GPT Drive To MBR From Command Prompt

How To Convert GPT Drive To MBR From Command Prompt

In this article we discuss about GPT Drive to MBR Drive.GPT stands GUID Partition Table and MBR is Master Boot Record.Windows supporting MBR from windows XP.

This issue comes when newly installed computer have Non-windows Operating systems and you try to install Windows operating system it will prompt windows installation :  Windows cannot be installed on this disk. The selected disk is of the GPT partition style.

When you start install windows operating system while choose the partition to install GPT error will pop-up to format. Here is the solution.


1.When this error prompt hit Shift+F10 for command prompt.

2.Now type DISKPART or diskpart

3.Enter the command list disk

4.Now select disk ,
#select disk 0

5.Type clean command to wipeout all partitions in the disk

6.It is time to cover to mbr using the below command,
#convert mbr

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