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Huawei Ranked Global 2nd Largest Smartphones Sale

Huawei Ranked Global 2nd Largest Smartphones Sale

Chinese multinational networking, telecommunications equipment company Huawei bagged the 2nd largest smartphone selling company in 2nd quarter too. Last quarter Huawei placed second ranked and again it beat Apple sales worldwide in smartphone market.

Worldwide 374M units of smartphones was sold by all the smartphone companies , in that 49.8M sold by Huawei individually. Apple sold 44.7M units. Largest smartphone seller Samsung be falling every year and this quarter 72M sold in the market.

Samsung following the same format of smartphones and with few improvements, but other companies are upgrading HW aswell new features which are trending in market.

Xiaomi also booming the sales and capture the market with 32.8M units sales in the quarter.Android OS leading the market in past years and it is continues.

After Apple iPhone  X mid series of mobiles was not announced by official that impact slowdown the market for iPhones.

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