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WhatsApp Started Earning By Charging Messages On Business

WhatsApp Started Earning By Charging Messages On Business

WhatsApp created new barries between the countires and continentals interms on communcation via messaging and video calling free of cost. In digital world Whatsapp revolution is still continue and grabbing the new users and spreading every corner.

Here is the next milestone of Whatsapp launched the revenue generation feature product to business. Whatsapp business api will send the auto response messages to the users with the information.

Business communication was mostly happen in the communication way and people will let know the processing the updated via messages. This Api contains the programmatic information for the customers along with the user data where the shipping need to done. Even customer reply to the messages to get more information about the product shipment.

WhatsApp business API is targeting major business like online sales which will deliver the information in the same day or schedule time. Next phase WhatsApp offering customized changes like update live tracking of the product till the delivery. This why WhatsApp revenue will create another milestone.

WhatsApp started this last September for free Business App api. Now this endup the free and turn chargable whatsapp for business need. In 2015 Whatsapp merged to Facebook and created new features to reach more number of users. Later Time updated the app with Video calling also. In Whatsapp business also end to end encryption feature available. Facebook launched FB ads and generating high revenue and now focusing on whatsapp ads to survive in the competetive market.

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