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MariaDB Turned To Acquire Clusterix

MariaDB Turned To Acquire Clusterix

Largest Database MariaDB released press note that it acquired Clusterix, which is similar of MySQL drop-in replacement database.MariaDB and Clusterix are now focusing on scalability that Clusterix’ technology will give this solution . MariaDB will integrate Clusterix using technology to this database and result the high scalable database for long drive databases in MariaDB.

MariaDB is very popular opensource database that widely using in large scale IT industry. MariaDB also announced that Cloud computing firm ServiceNow is investing funds in MariaDB company . Now ServiceNow CEO is joined in MariaDB executive board. ServiceNow company never ever invested in any companies and acquired in many companies. ServiceNow investment is helped to acquire Clusterix.

ServiceNow is currently active 80k MariaDB instances running in Cloud and huge customer support is giving for MariaDB.For development also ServiceNow is using MariaDB. MariaDB acquisition Clusterix is adding more benefits to ServiceNow.

Clusterix and MariaDB will going to turn more scalable database service will create more market and many companies are started integrated MariaDB backend DB for large scale infrastructures. MariaDB is working to be primary database in the competitive database market and extending the large structural database tables.

MariaDB previous acquired few other companies but Clusterix acquire is the major one and it was not disclosed the quote price.Both companies are below $100M companies and merging will be benefits for both companies

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