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How To Reset Joomla Admin Password

How To Reset Joomla Admin Password








I forgot the admin password for my Joomla website.Unable to log in the backend.Need to reset

the password for website joomla admin password.


Here you can reset the password for Joomla admin or user account in three ways.

  1.Frond End.

  2.Back End.

3.Database End.

1.Frond End

– For this process Log in Module should be published for the website.If not enable log in

to the administrator backend and enable this from Module     Manager.

– If it is already enable open the website admin URL( and click

on reset password.It will ask for the register email id(While installation given email id).

– Reset link will send to your email address.

How To Reset Joomla Admin Password02

2.Back End

– This process for reset the user password.Log in to the account with administrator account.

– Go to User Manager.And click on User’s name.

– Give the new password details and click on save.
How To Reset Joomla Admin Password03

3.Database End

– Log in to the database from phpmyadmin

– Click on jos_user table and browse it.

-Select the user name which is need to reset the password.Under the password field give the

password and click on save.Before save select MD5 in function      from the left dropdown.

– Now you can log in to the joomla website with new password(
How To Reset Joomla Admin Password01
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