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How To Trace Logs in Cpanel Server

                                                           How To Trace Logs in Cpanel Server


Logs are generally hold the log in issues and successful log ins.In the same way it store the errors for all domain in the server.Most of the hosting providers not error logs stored in the server.Admin level configurations are restrict error logs in server.

How To Trace Logs in Cpanel Server


Different kind of logs are available in the server.Here is explaining about some logs in cpanel server.

– In cpanel there are 4 types are logs will available.

    1.Apache Logs( Webserver logs)
           2.Exim Logs (Mail server Logs)         
           3.Cpanel Logs(Application Logs)
           4.FTP Logs ( Files Transfer Logs)

Apache Logs:

Apache Logs is nothing but web server use for cpanel.This logs consist of common logs for all websites.Here is the path for Apache Logs,


Access logs contain the user host login with the ipaddress and time for the IST.And which was not connecting longer from the server.


Cpanel server error logs will store in the mention path.Contain the invalid logins also.


domlogs is the logs for individual websites which was hosted in the server.Individual logs will store in the domlog file.

Exim Logs:

Exim is the mail transfer agent in Cpanel server.Exim contain own logs.Here is the path,


In exim_mainlog record all the mail exchanges incoming and outgoing of the email id’s.


Exim_rejectlog have the records which was denied from the server.

Cpanel Logs:

Cpanel logs store all the record traffic towards cpanel log in,webmail access,https request.


Access_log have the logs of cpanel log in and webmail on http access.


Error_log contain the errors while access the cpanel and webmail.

FTP Logs:

FTP logs is nothing but while user attempt to upload or download or delete history will store in the files.


FTP logs generated in messages.complete details will store in messages.

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