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JCacheStorageFile::_deleteFolderFailed deleting

JCacheStorageFile::_deleteFolderFailed deleting


While remove cache from Joomla control panel it is giving following error,

JCacheStorageFile::_deleteFolderFailed deleting.Untill remove the cache images are not displaying images in the website.

JCacheStorageFile deleteFolderFailed deleting


– Usual issue occur because of the cache folder have limited permission.

– Login to the Cpanel or FTP and change cache folder permissions to 777.If doing this from file zilla for FTP apply the permissions to sub-folders also.

– Once permissions was assigned.Logout from Joomla control panel and relogin.

– Now try to clear cache from Joomla control panel.

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  • Noooo don’t set folder permissions to 777… that means ANYONE can upload any files they like to your website and then execute them!