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Plesk 11.0 Components Update Error


Unable to install the “mssql2008_configurator-1.0.noarch” package. The following could cause the installation failure: 1) mssql2008_configurator-1.0.noarch: No suitable solutions were found for the “msi45 >= 4.5.0000.0000” dependency. 2) The dependency for “msi45 >= 4.5.0000.0000” required by the “mssql2008_configurator-1.0.noarch” package could not be resolved.


Normally if some components was missed in the server you will get the error.Mostly Windows Installer 4.5 [KB942288] component are nost installed or corrupted.

Try to download the below URL and install it.After install reboot the server once.

Tage:plesk,Plesk 11.0.Plesk 11 installation.

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