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shatterproof For Smartphone Touchscreens



shatterproof For Smartphone Touchscreens

Smartphones screens are very sensitive and touch should be delicate.For your smartphones shatterproof is madatory.Scientists was developed transparent electrode for smartphone that will be shatterproof for mobiles.Using this your Smartphone is shatterproof.

Transparent layer electrodes micro in the polymer surface.This layer is very proofed and no peeling also.

Current screen guards are coating with Indium tin Oxide(ITO).shatterproof will be manufacture with same material on low cost efficient.

shatterproof For Smartphone Touchscreens
shatterproof will protect the smartphone 1000 times more than the current protecting system.

Transparent electrode can fabricated for the flexibility.Once it successfully tested product will release to the market for endup the cracked smartphone displays.

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