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Amazon Fire Phone Cheap Sale With Unlocked

Amazon Fire Phone Cheap Sale With Unlocked

Amazon back in the market with new product Fire phone with hug expectations in current smart phone market.People are expected cheaper rates compare to the present lead mobile companies smartphones.But Firephone disappointed with the price list.

Here is the exclusive news from Amazon is that prices are cutdown more than half with unlocked free.Now unlocked Firephone retails price is $199 in previous $499.This GSM devices will be under contract with AT&T and T-Mobile.

Amazon Fire Phone Cheap Sale With Unlocked
Amazon new decision towards price cut will help to increase the sales of firefox in U.S.This price will be contract with AT&T exclusive versions with $0.99 with 2 years agreement.

New price will hopping Amazon to help more R&D towards implementing new features in upcoming smartphones from Amazon.To comeout Fire phone Amazon R&D involved hardworking in design own hardware,design and unique features loaded in the phone.

Tech reviews denoted that many difficulties with Fire phones and hardware issues too.Similar Motorola series issues.Amazon look forward to complete all the issue.It will be biggest support to increase the sales of Fire phone from Amazon in coming Christmas and New year eves.

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