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Be Careful To Sell Used Smartphones Online – Avast



Be Careful To Sell Used Smartphones Online – Avast

Are you going to sell your used or second hand phone through online….? Before sell deleting the previous data is not enough and need to do more to avoid the availability of old data to new buyer.Avast mobile software company released press note that Avast can retrieve the data after delete from the smartphone which was succeeded in deleting the previous data also.

Be Careful To Sell Used Smartphones Online - Avast01
From the smartphone Avast can retrieve more than 40,00 photos and mails,sms,mms and some of the user collections.Unless user overwrite the data on exiting data which was bought online.

Avast worked on some of smartphone which was buy online and recollect the all information of old owner deleted one.

In calculations of Avast it will recover more than 1500 photos,and 1000 last google searches,750 emails and messages and nearly 250 conatcts from the used smartphones.In Us survey mention that per day nearly 80,000 smartphones are selling from eBay and most of the phones are used less than 6 months of time.

Morethan it will be very harmful that data will recover that will cause theft information of previous user.So be careful while sell your used Phones.

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