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Durable High-Density Storage Release Soon

Durable High-Density Storage Release Soon

Good news for storage world Texas based Scientists from Rice University has created a solid state storage technology that will allow high density storage and flexible to storage with low incidence of system errors.In this used tantalum oxide memory chips and additional insulator in electronics.Each chip can hold up to 162 GigaBit of data and this is higher than oxide-based memory in 162 gigabit will store nearly 20GB information.Tantalum oxide memory chips read and write data with multi-speed and high availability.

Vertex 2 Solid State Drive

Power for this storage will take minimal that can save much too.Also this will require 100 times less energy compare to the existing devices.Tantalum memory technology is most useful for video storage servers like steaming website YouTube.Tantalum memory is two terminal systems and it set 3D memory stack.

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