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Error:Configuration file is not well-formed XML

Configuration file is not well-formed XML








– Suddenly plesk services are not working.It is giving me follow error.

There was an error when trying to connect.Do you want to retype your credentials and try again?



line number :1

Error:Configuration file is not well-formed XML


– Check th free space in the server.Sometimes due to insufficent space also you will face issue.

– Now go to the following path.


– Pickup the lastknow good configuration applicationhost.config file in the previous history.

– Now open the following path C:\Windows\system32\inetsrv\config

– Remove the old file and copy the file(History path) to the above path.

– Now Restart IIS services.

– Now restart the all plesk services from the plesk Monitor tray.

You can open IIS 7 Now.It will work Normally..

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