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Even Formula 1 Cars Can Hacked

Even Formula 1 Cars Can Hacked

This is the very critical security issue that Formula One cars can also hack the computers which connected in the circuit informed by Russian Information Security.

By this warning everyone is alert and fear starts because of Grand Prix may target.

Leading Anti-Virus provider Kaspersky R&D mentioned about this issue which bought and halt after drive way in 10 miles may use Smartphone or Laptop to get the information.

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Even Kaspersky mentioned that F1 Cars will carry out bulk sophisticated computers.This computer load with bulk data with all maps.F1 formula race is very protected but Formula 1 having some loop holes in security.

Till the time there is no perfect evidence that race car hacking and entire circuit computers connected and those are centralized with Internet connection.So there is possibility of vulnerable and chance of hacking

Hackers tried to hack Grand Prix at Bahrain also F1 official website hacked.Experts protected from the breaches.

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