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Facebook Messenger App Got Negative Reviews


Facebook Messenger App Got Negative Reviews

Social Network Facebook newly launched Facebook Messenger app which is received very worst reviews from all over the corners.Facebook is forcing to use the app for check the messages.

Facebook mobile users are confused and not agreed to download additional app because why need to use separate app for messages.

Facebook Messager App Got Negative Reviews
This app received more than 50k Reviews with the low rating(1.0/10).And users are also very disappointed with this app.Apps should be small and easy for the users.

Some of the users sent feedback in very polite manner with negative rating.New app messages privacy of data and message importance details was not mention by the Facebook.

But Facebook statement is completely different that Facebook mail goal to develop user friendly messenger app which will flex in mobile and avoid the confusions on the app usage.

Facebook going to move messages from the Facebook app and store in Messenger services.As per the reports Facebook try to increase the messenger users which contain 200 million of of now worldwide.

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