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Facebook Offers Browser Base Scan For Devices


Facebook Offers Browser Base Scan For Devices

Leading Security solution provider F-Secure now partner with Social network Facebook.In recent time Facebook creating several security issues.Due to Heartbread some of the Facebook  accounts was hacked and later it was fixed.
Facebook Offers Browser Base Scan For Devices002
Facebook offers the browser based F-Secure scan for your pc.If there is any malware in local system it will automatically detect and start scanning the system.

F-Secure will secure your system using browser scan and detect the issues with the unwanted softwares and malwares and remove automatically.If the inflected files related to system,system32 it will prompt and ask for your confirmation.

Facebook Offers Browser Base Scan For Devices01
When user login to facebook in the inflected devices and corrupted devices it will prompt the screen to find by the users.From the prompt user can skip or continue to scan and remove.

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