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Facebook Paid Million Dollars To Hackers


Facebook Paid Million Dollars To Hackers

Social network Facebook is paying $1.5 million to the hackers for secure website.According to the research there are 330 security research centers are working on bug resolver programs for major websites.

According to the security survey there are 14k bugs was submitted to Facebook in the year of 2013 this rate was increased double of the previous year.To resolve this security bugs Facebook is paying $2,204.In this most of the bags are non core properties.
Facebook Paid hogh amount to hackers
In complete bugs there are nearly 6% are key bugs those are threading to the network security.So Facebook prior the major security bugs and clearing in hours of time.

Bugs was raised from different geographical locations from US bugs are 92 and paying for average bugs is $2,272.Overall Russia is in lead to resolve the over 38 bugs and compensation of $3,961.

Now Facebook security Team announced that security severity issue was reduced.And now there is no issue with the bugs.Teams are keep on working to resolve the new bugs on website.

Now Facebook also change the payout scale and compensation rules for the coming years.Facebook clear the text injection faults.Adding text content on page is the not security issue.

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