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Facebook Released New Chat App ‘Rooms’

Facebook Released New Chat App ‘Rooms’

Social networking gaint Facebook released new chat App Rooms.From Facebook Rooms is the first app which is not required Facebook account.Rooms is only can install in smart phones.People can create Virtual Rooms for discussions or Technical questions or any comments on uploaded photos and Videos.

Rooms app is released in US and UK specially for iPhones which was recent release 6 series.Rooms is really good App who are frustrated with the verifications every time while attempt to comment or post anything.

Facebook Released New Chat App 'Rooms'01

User who create Rooms can share the people who are in mobile contacts and get the direct comments without any authentications.No other people can enter in private Room without invitations.User can customize any name for Rooms for example comments on coming World-cup matches or Technical Troubleshooting.

Rooms will be act as Virtual based and who are shared Photos,videos or Text based will be continue under the mention Topic which was create in Room.If User want to change any modifications on shared photos,Videos,Topics like comments it will be very easy and new options will be available very soon.Facebook planning to release Android

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