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Facts About Amazon Online Web Portal




Facts About Amazon Online Web Portal

– In online market first 12 positions are Amazon and nearest 13th position was American based company.

– Amazon banned power-point presentations in official meetings.Even CEO should maintain 5 pages thoughts on papers for meeting.

– In Alphabets start with ‘A’ and Amazon is the longest river in the world, because of this two reason Jeff named his company name as Amazon.

– Amazon founder Jeff donated hug amount to one organization who are building a biggest watch that will work for next 10 thousand years.This watch is constructing on hill in Texas.Jeff prefer for time.

Facts About Amazon Online Web Portal

– If Internet speed goes down 10 out of 1 will effect the 1% decrease Amazon sales.

– From the issue raise in 1997 for public Issue Amazon shares increased 15 thousand.

– Out of 10 internet users in America 6 people have Amazon account.In Online supermarket Amazon placed 23cr things for sale.

– Jeff is very intelligent in Amazon sales promotion.In the part of promotions Jeff played Tennis with Anna Carnikova because She wear Sports Bra which was designed by Amazon and that product will available in Amazon website.

– Jeff invested $2.5lakhs for Google development and he estimated the Google future years ago.

– As mention by the employees survey Part of a job every employee should walk 13 Kilo meters per day.

– Per sec 300 orders are placing from Amazon website which is the largest online purchase.

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