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Google Hiring Security Guards As Google Employees

Google Hiring Security Guards As Google Employees

Google planning to hire the security guards for his company directly.Nearly 200 security guards will be appoint for google offices very soon.Till the date Google is appointing security guards from the third party security services.Security Industry Specialists are provided this services to Google.

First time Google is following hire on permanent basis so that guards will also get company benefits.Here is the statement that Google released to The Wall Street Journal,
Google Hiring Security Gaurds As Google Employees
Building an in-house security team is something we are excited to do. A year ago we in-sourced the Google security operations center and we are looking forward to making these valued positions both full- and part-time Google employees.

Google is paying high amount to the security companies previously and effect to received very low pay to their employees and working hours also high to the security guards.Finally Google announced to cancel the security contracts and get the people for security on permanent basis.

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