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Google New App For Mail Account Users

Google Corporation released new app for mail users.Once User log in to Gmail account user can manage the other products of Google there was a Tab with most used products of Google.


Google Apps New mail service


New Google app contain the recent history and most used tabs.Once use open Gmail automatically on Right hand tab square icon will appear.It is contain 9 inner squareboxes.Generally user habituated to open Google other products with the associated Tab on the Top the mail account.

Google New app can store the History records if user allowed save password app will automatically open the other products which was associated with the Gmail account.

In 9 square boxes app contain Google +,Google Search,YouTube,Maps,Play,News,Gmail,Drive,Calender.For Google mail apps user can customize the options in Squres.First time Google Play added new app.When user click any of the Google products in app, product will open the new tab only.Right click option for new windows was disable at this time.

After 9 Square box there s additional option is there i.e More.If user click on that scroll will come down and display more 8 option of Google products.Translate,Books,Offers,Wallet,Shopping,Blogger,Finance,Photos are the options.Additional products are included in Even more from Google option.


Google New App For Mail Account Users


Google New App For Mail Account Users

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