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Google Wireless Network For Mobile Users



Google Wireless Network For Mobile Users

— Here is the good news for mobile internet users.World No.1 searching engine Google is now planning to give this high internet to the mobile users.

Google already lead in mobile softwares and high speed internet in US now focused on increse the internet speed in mobiles also.

Google Wireless Network For Mobile Users

Google started work for own wireless network systems using local network operators.Using this users can make calls and send sms to anywhere.

So instead of build new networks and lines Google directly deal with 3G and 4G networks and provide the high internet to mobiles users with low price.

Google now turn to Mobile virtual Network Operator(MVNO) using the existing network.Instead of operating internet accessing act in virtual mode.
Google Wireless Network For Mobile Users01
Google run MVNO independently and operator the complete network to distributor in mobile network.

Google will run MVNO with own staff and maintain the complete service overall the mobile network.

Fiber optic technology use for implementing broadband and mobile wireless internet.

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