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How To Add Domain In DNSMADEEASY

                                                                         How To Add Domains In DNSMADEEASY


Normal DNS update will take time to reflect on the domains.Here is the solutions for the DNS reflection on your domain.Propagation will be in sec.


– Log in to the DNSMADEEASY using login details.

How To Add Domain In DNSMADEEASY

– On the Top corner tabs select DNS and Manage DNS.
How To Add Domain In DNSMADEEASY01
– Now right hand side Add Domains option will come.


How To Add Domain In DNSMADEEASY02

– new dialogue box appear for domain name.

– Enter the domain name and click on ok.


How To Add Domain In DNSMADEEASY03

– Now update the A Record for this domain.

– Update the system ns records in the domain control panel.

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