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How To Install Ksplice In Centos Server

                                                                       How To Install Ksplice In Centos Server


Ksplice software to update Kernel without reboot your linux based systems.Ksplice is improve the server security.Here is steps to install in Centos server.

How To Install Ksplice In Centos Server


– Log in to the server using Root login.

– using rpm install Ksplice.

rpm -i

– update uptrack using below command,

yum -y install uptrack

– Open uptrack configuration file using editor.

nano /etc/uptrack/uptrack.conf.

– In configuration file update licensed access key.

– Now set auto install status from no yes.

autoinstall = yes.

– Save the file.It will automatically update the kernel.

– Run the below command to upgrade uptrack.

uptrack-upgrade -y

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  • Something must have changed? You can still get the centos rpm from their web, but if you try actually using it it just says:

    This trial is for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and 6 only. Other Red Hat derivatives such as CentOS or Scientific Linux are NOT SUPPORTED. For Oracle Linux, please contact Oracle Sales for a Ksplice trial key. Please contact with any questions.

    That happens even if you get a generic Linux not RHEL trial key from ksplice.