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How To Create MySQL From cPanel

How To Create MySQL From cPanel


Users can create database using phpMyAdmin for mysql for plain server.While moving to cPanel it will something different to create the MySQL database and users.Here is the simple steps to create database.


From cPanel we can create MySQL database and users also.Here is the simple steps,

– Login to the cPanel using User name and password.

– In Databases tab click on MySQL  Databases option.

– Now enter the database name and click on Create Database.In Next window database will create.

– If you want to create MySQL user name for the newly created database or existing databases here is the simple step.

– In the same window  under MySQL Users Add New User  enter the user name and password then click on Create User.

– user will create.To merge the user name with the database , In Add User To Database option select the database name and the User name and click on Add.In next window it will ask for the previllages.

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