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How To Resolve Domain Forwarding Is not working Issue

How To Resolve Domain Forwarding Is not working Issue    


After configure domain forward in domain control panel everything is correct but when i used domain URL it is showing my destination URL only.I set domain forward to static local server with folders.But it is not masking destination URL and showing the on webpage. Forward URL is staticip/apps/gprs .And out out should be come with the domain name like under this my portal should be open.

How To Resolve Domain Forwarding Is not working Issue01


– Domain forward is a simple concept.It is 2 steps job from the domain control panel.In some cases if the manage DNS propagation time take URL will nt work.

– After propagation also domain forwarding is working but URL masking is not working we need to check with the hosting URL.

– If the destination server is have the Frame Buster enable in the server it will be oppose the domain URL masking from the internal source.

– Frame Buster is the default option which is enabled in windows server.Once Frame Busters will disable domain URL masking will work automatically.

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