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How To Import And Export Email Forwarders In Cpanel

How To Import And Export  Email Forwarders In Cpanel


Forwarders in cpanel is adding group people of to send the mail to number of people at a time and set the forward mail from local to another email like gmail,Yahoo or other mails.Here is the simple steps to import and export the email forwarders in cpanel.

How To Import And Export  Email Forwarders In Cpanel

– Login to the cpanel account using user details,

Export Forwarders:

– Cpanel is not enable the option to export the forwarders.But we have another option to process this.

– After login to the cpanel click on Backup Wizard.

How To Import And Export  Email Forwarders In Cpanel01
– Now There is two options called Backup and Restore.

– In backup click on Email forwarders and Filters.It will show the forwaders and click on the domain name.It will generate the backup of Forwarders..

Import Forwarders:

Here there are two options to import the forwarders.

– In cpanel there is option call Import Address/Forwarders.from this option we can import the forwarders from the .csv files which was saved in excel sheets.

– If you want to import the forwarders from the backup which was taken from the export here is the simple steps.

– After login to the Cpanel clickon Backup wizard and select Restore option.
How To Import And Export  Email Forwarders In Cpanel02
– Now Select Email Forwarders & Filter option.It will ask for the back up location for restore the forwarders.

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  • You can only Backup if you have less than 5 GB though, so is there a way to do this via FTP? I didn’t see anything in /etc or /mail folders.

  • This technique is excellent, and works quite well. I used it after copying the ‘etc’ and ‘mail’ folders from the old hosting place to the new hosting place (via my favorite FTP program).

    So, transfer the files first, then use the backup/restore technique to copy the forwarders. (Backup usually gives you a ‘gz’ file, so you need to uncompress to get the text file used in the ‘restore’.)

    Thanks! Saved me a bunch of time!