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How To Remove Additional YouTube Account From Android Mobile

How To Remove Additional YouTube Account From Android Mobile


Sometimes we will configure multiple accounts in youtube in Andoid mobile to view other channel . For every time any notification from the newly added account will popup in multiple accounts that is one kind of security breach. Here is the simple article to avoid these type of mis-communication. We can remove the additional added youtube account from your android device.


– Go to Settings in Android device ( Like smartphone or Tab)
– Under personal choose Accounts option.

– Now choose the application which one you want to remove the additional gmail account.

– We are remove the additional YouTube account so choose Youtube and click on it.
– After that under youtube multiple account will appear in YouTube.

– Choose the account which one you want to remove from the YouTube.
– On Top Right hand corner there was 3 dots which will use to Sync and remove the account.
– From here choose remove option to remove the additional account.

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