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How To View Saved Wifi Password In Android Mobiles

How To View Saved Wifi Password In Android Mobiles

Very common aspect sometime we forgot the password which we saved long back in regular using password, that cause any urgent wifi connectivity in any other devices we can’t remember the password.So there is option to view the password for current connected network and previously connected and saved password on the specified android device,
Before start the process sometimes this password check chances of misusing of others.And make sure do not do any system related files.

Go to the root folders location and make sure use ES file explorer to easy the process.In root directory list of folders will appear.In this select data folder under data folder goto misc folder.In this folder find wifi folder.It consist of wpa_supplicant.conf. ES explorer is the build in text or html viewer.  /root/data/misc/wifi


wpa_supplicant.conf file consist of SSID and Password for all connected networks.Find out which SSID network password you are looking for and close the file. Make sure you will not modify any entries in the file that will impact other running android applications.

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