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Linux Training Tutorials – FileSystem Hierarchy System

Linux Training Tutorials – FileSystem Hierarchy System

Linux maintain unique file system holding different partitions.Here is the filesystem hierarchy with partitions,

Linux Training Tutorials - FileSystem Hierarchy System

/ – Top level directory in Linux.It is also called as ROOT directory./ is the parent directory for all the directories.Default partition type in Linux.

/root – Root user or Super user home directory.It is allow the working platform for the root user.Like Administrator in windows.

/home – It is home directory for all the users create in Linux machine.Similar way it will allows users to work on this directory.

/boot – All bootable files of Linux is stored in /boot.Like vmlinuz(kernel),Initrd,GRUB,boot.ini,ntldr.

/etc –  Store all the configuration files of users and drivers.Like User Information(/etc/password),DNS(/etc/resolv.conf),DHCP(/etc/dhcpd.conf).

/usr – Default directory for all software installation will store in the directory.

/opt – Option directory in Linux to store any third party softwares installation directory.

/bin – All commands used by all users is store in /bin.Files in binary format.

/sbin – It stores only super user used commands.Root user command files also store in binary format.

/dev – Device files will store in /dev directory.Like Hard disk(/dev/hda),DVD/CD(/dev/cd rom).

/proc – It contain process files.These files are keep on change based on the process.It is also called as Virtual Directory.OS related process information files also store.Like RAM/SWAP(/proc/meminfo),CPU information(/proc/cpuinfo)

/var – Log files and mails queues stores in /var.Variable data only store in /var.

/mnt –  Any Partition can mount using /mnt.By default it is empty directory.

/media – Removable media like CD-ROM,Pen drives,Card Readers.

/lib – All library files which is OS using will store in /lib.Like dll files in windows.Library files are shared object(SO) files in linux.

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