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Microsoft 4G Smartphones Load With Windows 10

Microsoft 4G Smartphones Load With Windows 10

Microsoft going to release it’s 4G smartphones into the market.With the back to back Xiaomi, Micromax,Huawei company 4G smartphones Microsoft losing it’s market in Indian market which is effect of Microsoft Lumia phones.Microsoft released various version in Lumia Series but most of the phones support only 3G.Other mobile manufactures are previding 4G facility in their with the very lowest price affect of Microsoft market rapidly down.

Microsoft 4G Smartphones Load With Windows 10

To overcome all this situations Microsoft is working on 4G and developing full protect security on Lumia series.This year Microsoft released it’s official OS Windows 10.Next series of 4G will loaded with Windows 10 which will featuring more.Currently Microsoft Lumia 638 support 4G but there is some issues on connectivity, due to signal band issue this model also back in the market.

Many Telecom providers will going to line in coming days with 4G network so Microsoft release 4G support smartphones by this Diwali.As per Times survey In India 4G and 5G will fastly growth in future and people should ready to utlize this speed in smartphone.

Microsoft 4G smartphone OS windows 10 load with highly security features and managing tools too.Enterprise level series will be include in release series.

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