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Microsoft Launched Translator App

Microsoft Launched Translator App

Leading operating system provider Microsoft step into the new platform and launched a new Translator app which will support variety devices and loaded with 50 different languages translate.Even Google has it’s own translator app but it supports only 27 languages via text and voice.This new Microsoft Translator app available for Android and iOS platforms.User can download this app called Microsoft Translator.Supporting devices are Smartphones,Tablets,Apple Watch and Smartwatches.

Microsoft Launched Translator App

Translation can be performed by type or speak, after type it will show the translated text on the screen and prompt for the next.Microsoft Translator App also allows to copy the text and paste for translation.

With this Microsoft Translator app new competitor services started in Google Translator market too.More beneficial is Microsoft offering for various operating systems.while using Microsoft Translator app people should pronounce very clearly for exact translation.

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